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Read it here! All you Elder Scrolls fans out there.
Written by Michael Kirkbride and illustrated by yours truly. (:

This is one of the projects I've been working on lately. I've also been very busy doing illustration work for the Transformers Legends game. who'da thunk??
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Yep!!!! going there next week. I'm so excited! I will take lots of photos and also blow all of my money. hah.

Any must-see places you could recommend? (:
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I got a last minute artist table at Tracon 2013 @ Tampere, Finland, September 14-15!
EDIT: my table is #42!

I got some time off, ordered a brand new batch of prints, and I'll be there all weekend selling stuff and drawing things. :0

tulukee sanomaan morjens tai jottain
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Never attended before, but it was well organized and everyone seemed to have fun. I did too, although it was hot as all hell inside like damn. I pity everyone who was wearing a big cosplay and/or a wig.

I sold out of all my large prints (Thorin was exceptionally popular, selling out in hours) so unfortunately some who wanted one were left without... I did a bunch of sketch commissions, so thank you everyone who bought them!! I met a lot of followers from tumblr and dA so that was cool! I also went to the afterparty on saturday, at this nightclub, and even there people recognized me wtf. shoutout to all who can actually recognize my face from shitty internet photos.

I may have drunk too much though and I was slightly hungover on sunday morning but that's ok, all I had to do was to sit behind the table all day and draw hehhah... but yeah all in all I had a blast, definitely trying to attend next year too if the con is in Kuopio again!

Here's a bad photo of my table btw
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Alright can I just say how much I love the elves in the Elder Scrolls

J.R.R. Tolkien popularized elves as these otherworldly, divinely beautiful creatures which sorta established the standard for the race in all modern fantasy that came after. They're nearly immortal, distant, and to me, plain boring. Then around comes Morrowind, the game that really made me fall in love with TES, its world and its lore!! The elves of TES have a long history, and each subrace has their own cultural identity. The elves no longer just sit in their Crystal ivory towers (well I guess some of them do) and sing to their trees or whatever - they're flawed, complicated PEOPLE, and extremely proud of who they are. The haughty Altmer, the hostile Dunmer from the Ashlands, the cannibalistic Bosmer, the late Dwemer and their scientific achievements…. when was the last time any elves modeled after Tolkien's work had this much cultural diversity??

I love the fact that Bethesda actually created some of the most interesting, unusual cultures in the series for them. I love reading about them. I love their history. I love their aesthetics, which are exotic and uniquely beautiful. Just the amount of THOUGHT that has gone into creating the finer details of their cultures is incredible to me and has inspired me for the past decade.

tl;dr: hnnnngh TES elves
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Eli minut löytää heinäkuussa Animeconin taidekujalta kauppaamassa printtejä ja piirtelemässä!

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I'm the Player of the week on Kritzkast WHICH IS REALLY COOL THANK YOU:…

only, sorry guys but you got my gender wrong lmao
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This was my first convention with a table of my own and I almost totally sold out on the first day omg

Thanks to everyone who helped by buying my prints or drawings or just came by to say hello, I loved meeting new people!!! and old friends too, Lintu's table was next to mine and Terv dropped by on Saturday too and we went out for pizza….

I just counted the money I made during the weekend and I NOW HAVE ENOUGH TO PAY FOR MY NEW COMPUTER…. THANK YOU SO MUCH IM ASKDDLFLDG

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[cue Finnish]

Tracon 2012 on siis ensi viikon lopulla Tampere-talolla ja KUTEN AIEMMIN TOTESIN oon taidekujalla myymässä printtejä sekä halukkaille piirtämässä sitä sun tätä, tuolla nurkassa paikalla 61 haha

Pöydästä voi odottaa löytävänsä mm. tällasen näköistä:
The Whiskered Gentleman by TheMinttu Wheatley - Keep Calm by TheMinttu Pyromania: Movie poster by TheMinttu TF - One Shall Rise by TheMinttu TF Prime - Soundwave by TheMinttu

Toki ei tarvi edes ostaa mitään vaikka se auttaisi koska olen uuden tietokonekokoonpanon tarpeessa, saa tulla vaikka vaan sanomaan MOI tai huutamaan roboteista mun kanssa eheheheh
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from MTMTE because goddamn he's
he's pretty good
and I haven't done an art stream in a while so...………
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Now I'm 21 which in Finland means absolutely NOTHING but

a big collective thank you and hugs for everyone for the birthday wishes!! Getting a couple of days off from work was a very good birthday present. I've been sleeping a lot.
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September 8th-9th! in Tampere, Finland.

I got a table at the artists' alley so I will be there selling prints and sketching and it's gonna be FUN

So now I'm asking if there are certain pieces you would like to see as prints?? I can also print and reserve singles :Tc
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I was in St. Petersburg for 4 days on a short vacation, so I haven't been able to reply to any messages during that time, I'm sorry! I couldn't get the wifi at the hotel to work >8(

I'm at my dad's now, and I will go back home tomorrow, and then I can edit the photos I took and continue drawing before I go back to work on thursday whew

Before the trip I had certain prejudices towards Russia... and I have to admit those prejudices were only confirmed. I don't know if the people just don't like Finns or if I saw the worst side of the citizens of St. Petersburg, but everyone was being very rude, even on the Finnish scale lmao. Nearly nobody spoke a word of English though so it was difficult to hold a good conversation with anyone.

Also in Russia the huge difference between the rich and the poor is painfully obvious. The officials are corrupt and it seems you can't really rely on them on legal matters at all. Money is what matters. It's a land of extremes.

While I'm unimpressed by the country, the society and the people, the eastern cultural heritage is SO VERY INTERESTING TO ME... this was the first time I ever visited an eastern orthodox cathedral, and it was amazing. The art and architecture are inspiring and an interesting mix of east and west - very different from what I've used to.

Overall, an amazing trip. I would definitely do it again and go to the places I missed this time, but maybe not in the near future.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with this. these are my opinions on things I noticed during those 4 days.
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So, just FYI, I finally got a decent enough kind of job and a great apartment yesterday, 300 km away in Kouvola in southern Finland looolll

So these next few weeks I'll be busy packing, shopping and hauling junk into my new place. It's clean, nice and very roomy! I kinda wish I could have a housewarming party but I don't know anyone over there and it's a long distance to ask anyone to travel >:0 At least now I'll be closer to Helsinki.
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Whoever just gifted me with premium membership, thank you a lot! Why you would do such a thing is beyond me, but it's still nice.
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6 days until Skyrim

6 days until Skyrim
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So I'm going to Stockholm next Tuesday via Helsinki.

I really want (AND NEED) this job omg I'm so excited